s4u.sqlalchemy supports using s4u.upgrade to manage migrations. It provides a sql upgrade context which configures the SQLAlchemy context. It also supports use of alembic to make modifications in the database.

The upgrade context exposes two keys in the upgrade environment:

The SQLAlchemy engine object.
An alembic Operations object.

A default upgrade step which creates all missing tables and indices is registered. If you need to modify existing tables you can create a new upgrade step which introspects the current database and makes any necessary changes.

def add_auth_source_column(environment):
    engine = environment['sql-engine']
    inspector = Inspector.from_engine(engine)
    if 'auth_source' in get_columns(User.__table__.name):
    log.info('Adding auth_source column to user table.')
    alembic = environment['alembic']
    alembic.add_column(User.__table__, User.__table__.c['auth_source'])